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A Few Spring Lovelies

May 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It was great to go out shooting with a long time friend today. These little bits of spring were a joy to see.

My walks at the Crossings in Albany

May 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My walks at the Crossings in Albany have been a source of some surprising images. It's good to go places, especially places that aren't iconic or out of the ordinary. It encourages me to be open to what lies before my eyes.

The first one I recently had printed on aluminum and it looks fabulous!

Captured with Slow Shutter Cam for iOS

Birch Fantasy

May 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The birches in our yard caught my eye last fall when I was on the deck.  I realized that with the colors changing I had a short window of time to see if I could capture what I saw with my eyes and how that captured my imagination.  Here are the first three season of Birch Fantasy. There are four images because early spring and mid-spring had very different looks and color pallets.


Winter BirchesWinter Birches

Bluebirds are back

March 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A couple of weeks ago, when February was more like April I noticed bluebirds in the neighborhood and we put up the nest boxes.  They didn't get a nest built before the weather turned back to January. This morning they were back checking out the boxes and a battle ensued between the bluebirds and the house sparrows, truly the "deplorables" of the bird world.  Not only were the bluebirds defending the boxes aggressively from these pests there were cardinals, chickadees, juncos, blue jays and even a woodpecker fighting them off. The swooping, charging and chattering was impressive. Finally the sparrows got the message that they are not welcome but also gone were the bluebirds. Hopefully they will return. We were so happy to have a pair produce a family in our yard last year and would love to see them again.

If you are not familiar with the problem that house sparrows present for the native songbirds read this article by the Cornell University Ornithology Lab. https://nestwatch.org/learn/all-about-birdhouses/managing-house-sparrows-and-european-starlings/ House sparrows (only house sparrows, not all the other types of sparrows) and starlings are considered non-native, invasive species. They are pests and a true danger to our native song birds. They are of no value to the environment nor do they provide any beneficial service. We have starlings around but they are not such a threat to the bluebirds because they cannot fit in a bluebird nest box or cavity but the house sparrows sure can and will. They will injure and destroy native birds, especially bluebirds. Please do not feed them and if they start nesting remove the nests to force them elsewhere. This article from Columbia University give some history of the invasion. http://www.columbia.edu/invasion_Passer_domesticus.htm and this is a good site as well http://www.sialis.org/hosp.htm#nestboxlocation

3/12/183/12/18 3/12/183/12/18


January 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This cartoon is spot on! If you want to be good at anything you have to practice. Don't wait for a gift from God. And don't fool yourself into thinking someone else has that gift and you don't. And don't bother with "If I just buy that $8,000 camera or the Steinway Grand piano or a Maserati I'll be come a famous photographer, pianist and Formula One race car driver".  Nope, it just doesn't work that way. At some point gear does make a difference, and there is such thing as talent but mostly, just like I told my music students...it's practice. If you want it you have to work for it. Now, get out there and shoot...or draw...or whatever makes your heart sing!


Back up! Back up! PRINT!

January 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Back in the early days of computers, when 3.5 inch floppy discs were all the rage, I thought I was the coolest thing typing my master's thesis on an Apple 2 GS (YIKES!  Am I that old? Don't answer that!).  I was a couple of days from being finished and printing and it was gone. Disappeared. Missing in action. OMG!!!

That is when I learned my lesson - Back up! Back up! Print!

That can't happen today! We have smart phones, the "Cloud", thumb drives, hard drives, computers, tablets? Well, it can. A couple of years ago my dear friend lost a phone's worth of photos of her sweet mother who had recently passed away. No tech guru could recover them. How sad and so preventable.

Get an external hard drive (two is better) use an on-line service, and PRINT!  Especially PRINT those special photos. We still have photos from 50-100 and more year ago but hard drives, fail, CDs and DVDs fail, technology changes (VHS anyone?). All you need to enjoy those precisou moments is light and eyes.  Prints are good.

This New York Times article is excellent.   Backing Up Your Photos - NYTimes  Read and heed!  

And happy shooting!


my next purchase!my next purchase! in the darkroomin the darkroom 7/18/167/18/16 Jan. 3 "vintage"Jan. 3 "vintage"

Frosty visits again!

January 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

More frost jewels on the windows.  Really challenges the eyesight and focusing abilities but so worth it!

1/14/181/14/18 1/14/181/14/18

Sharing a bit of wisdom today.

January 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I really like this...art, music, writing, acting, designing...just do it and have fun!



Winter Sunrise

January 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It was cold but so worth going out bright and early to see the new day begin.

Winter Sunrise 1Winter Sunrise 1 Winter Sunrise 2Winter Sunrise 2 Sunrise on the FarmSunrise on the Farm

Backyard birdies

January 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's been fun to see all the birds back. We try to keep the feeders full, especially in this cooold weather.

Lady CArdinalLady CArdinal 12/30/1712/30/17