Light Touch Photos: Blog en-us (C) Angela Possemato ~ Light Touch Photos (Light Touch Photos) Mon, 12 Mar 2018 13:52:00 GMT Mon, 12 Mar 2018 13:52:00 GMT Light Touch Photos: Blog 120 90 Bluebirds are back A couple of weeks ago, when February was more like April I noticed bluebirds in the neighborhood and we put up the nest boxes.  They didn't get a nest built before the weather turned back to January. This morning they were back checking out the boxes and a battle ensued between the bluebirds and the house sparrows, truly the "deplorables" of the bird world.  Not only were the bluebirds defending the boxes aggressively from these pests there were cardinals, chickadees, juncos, blue jays and even a woodpecker fighting them off. The swooping, charging and chattering was impressive. Finally the sparrows got the message that they are not welcome but also gone were the bluebirds. Hopefully they will return. We were so happy to have a pair produce a family in our yard last year and would love to see them again.

If you are not familiar with the problem that house sparrows present for the native songbirds read this article by the Cornell University Ornithology Lab. House sparrows (only house sparrows, not all the other types of sparrows) and starlings are considered non-native, invasive species. They are pests and a true danger to our native song birds. They are of no value to the environment nor do they provide any beneficial service. We have starlings around but they are not such a threat to the bluebirds because they cannot fit in a bluebird nest box or cavity but the house sparrows sure can and will. They will injure and destroy native birds, especially bluebirds. Please do not feed them and if they start nesting remove the nests to force them elsewhere. This article from Columbia University give some history of the invasion. and this is a good site as well

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Practice! This cartoon is spot on! If you want to be good at anything you have to practice. Don't wait for a gift from God. And don't fool yourself into thinking someone else has that gift and you don't. And don't bother with "If I just buy that $8,000 camera or the Steinway Grand piano or a Maserati I'll be come a famous photographer, pianist and Formula One race car driver".  Nope, it just doesn't work that way. At some point gear does make a difference, and there is such thing as talent but mostly, just like I told my music's practice. If you want it you have to work for it. Now, get out there and shoot...or draw...or whatever makes your heart sing!


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Back up! Back up! PRINT! Back in the early days of computers, when 3.5 inch floppy discs were all the rage, I thought I was the coolest thing typing my master's thesis on an Apple 2 GS (YIKES!  Am I that old? Don't answer that!).  I was a couple of days from being finished and printing and it was gone. Disappeared. Missing in action. OMG!!!

That is when I learned my lesson - Back up! Back up! Print!

That can't happen today! We have smart phones, the "Cloud", thumb drives, hard drives, computers, tablets? Well, it can. A couple of years ago my dear friend lost a phone's worth of photos of her sweet mother who had recently passed away. No tech guru could recover them. How sad and so preventable.

Get an external hard drive (two is better) use an on-line service, and PRINT!  Especially PRINT those special photos. We still have photos from 50-100 and more year ago but hard drives, fail, CDs and DVDs fail, technology changes (VHS anyone?). All you need to enjoy those precisou moments is light and eyes.  Prints are good.

This New York Times article is excellent.   Backing Up Your Photos - NYTimes  Read and heed!  

And happy shooting!


my next purchase!my next purchase! in the darkroomin the darkroom 7/18/167/18/16 Jan. 3 "vintage"Jan. 3 "vintage"

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Frosty visits again! More frost jewels on the windows.  Really challenges the eyesight and focusing abilities but so worth it!

1/14/181/14/18 1/14/181/14/18

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Sharing a bit of wisdom today. I really like, music, writing, acting, designing...just do it and have fun!



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Winter Sunrise It was cold but so worth going out bright and early to see the new day begin.

Winter Sunrise 1Winter Sunrise 1 Winter Sunrise 2Winter Sunrise 2 Sunrise on the FarmSunrise on the Farm

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Backyard birdies It's been fun to see all the birds back. We try to keep the feeders full, especially in this cooold weather.

Lady CArdinalLady CArdinal 12/30/1712/30/17

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Happy New Year! The sun sets on the first day of the new year.  May it be a beauty for everyone. Day 1 is done.Day 1 is done.

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Last exhibit of 2017 for me! I will have two photos in this show - sort of "Best of 2017" at the Little Theatre Cafe. I was there yesterday and this is one eclectic and awesome show! The Little Cafe is always a cool place to hang out whether it's before or after a movie, or to listen to the awesome music they have there most nights of the week, or just to grab a bite to eat.  I really appreciate the opportunity to have had a full exhibit there back in March so it is with pleasure that I participate in this show.  Hope you will stop by!

November 28-January 5 at The Little Theatre CafeNovember 28-January 5 at The Little Theatre CafeStop by the Little Theatre Cafe, 240 East Ave and see a wonderful collection of art, a retrospective of the art work exhibited in 2017.
Click for more info
The Little Cafe/Art

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Wise and true words

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2018 Light Touch Photos Calendar is ready! I have just the gift for the bird lover on your list! A 2018 calendar full of birds. Big birds, little birds, birds flying and swimming and nesting and feeding. All images were taken by me, the biggest bird brain of 'em all! Email me or message me via Facebook if you are interested. Pre-orders only. I'll be sending it off to be printed on December 5 and you should have it by Christmas with no problem. $16.00 + tax and shipping (approximately $20.00 total depending on where I am shipping it to. I'll confirm with you.)

Here's a sneak preview.

2018 Calendar - Birds!2018 Calendar - Birds!

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This is Autumn This Autumn, let something die.

A worry, a relationship, a project that has run its course. Let go of anxiety over the future. Let go of guilt.

Let go of other people’s dreams for you. Let go of the fear that happiness or success or love or joyousness somehow isn’t for you.

Let go of feeling unwanted. Go outside, can you feel how deeply your presence is craved here?

Let go of the small and burdensome things. Gifts never opened. Keys without a lock. Broken earrings, old love letters, the ephemera on your fridge.

As David Whyte writes, “Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.” This Autumn, let go of all the clothes you have outgrown.

Let go of comparison.

Let go of doubt.

Let go of the feeling that you are somehow not good enough.

Because every imperfect apple that lays soft in your hands, and every ray of low Autumn sunlight that warms you through woolens will tell you a different story, a much truer story. The story that you are more, much more, than enough. That you bless this world simply by being alive.

It's been an interesting fall. Not the brilliant colors we often hope for but a more subtle palette, just as lovely, with pops of color where you least expect it. This is from 11/8 on our street. I love the light, textures and color of it.  A visual metaphor for beauty and grace at the end of days.

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Published in Martha's Vineyard Magazine What a nice surprise that my photo was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2017 Martha's Vineyard Photo Contest.  It's pretty cool to see my image in print.  Here's the link where you can see all the winners.  I am in very good company!

Martha's Vineyard Magazine Photo Contest Winner 2017

Honorable Mention - Martha's Vineyard magazine 9th Annual Photo ContestHonorable Mention - Martha's Vineyard magazine 9th Annual Photo ContestClick this link to the article in the magazine: Martha's Vineyard Magazine photo contest where you can see all the winners.

9th Annual Martha's Vineyard Photo Contest Winner 2017

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Three shows at once! I must be a little crazy to have images in three different shows at once!  In addition to the two at Image City Photography Gallery (see the last blog post) you can see several of my black and white film images and those of my class mates and teachers at Wayne County Council for the Arts in Newark until November 11th. What a fun and diverse show. It really looks great! 

I also have one image in Gallery 96 in Bushnell's Basin "Street Photography" show.   That, too is a really interesting show featuring people in all sorts of activities whether they know it or not! This show runs through the 18th of November so there's still time to take the scenic ride along the canal to the gallery.

Cross to BearCross to Bear Spiral Staircase at the George Eastman HouseSpiral Staircase at the George Eastman House

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. Dorothea LangePhotography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. Dorothea Lange Love 'n GdańskLove 'n Gdańsk



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It's always an honor It's always an honor just to be included with such a wonderful group of photographers as are now showing at Image City Photography Gallery in the current "Backroads" show, featuring Gary and Phyllis Thompson, two of the best landscape photographers in the region and 21 people they consider friends.  So it was a surprise to have my image be chosen for one of four Partners' Pick Awards. 

You can read the judge's comments here ICPG Partners' Picks

The show is up until November 26th so I do hope you will stop and see it.  The images are fantastic!  Visit Image City Photography Gallery for hours and info.

"Solid and Liquid" received a "Partners' Pick"Award at Image City Photography Gallery 11/3/17"Solid and Liquid" received a "Partners' Pick"Award at Image City Photography Gallery 11/3/17Solid and Liquid
by Angela Possemato

"The impact of Angela’s image is immediate. You can feel the rushing water dragging past the edge of the stone as if to coax the few remaining leaves to abandon their perch and ride the current downstream. One of the characteristics that makes photographer an artist is the ability to look at a large visual panorama and decide exactly what to put into the frame and, just as important, what to leave out.
Angela has done a great job placing the rocks edge on a diagonal taking up about a third of the frame. The swift water creates a wonderful abstract of reflection and complimentary colors. The remaining leaves on the solid surface lend the only hint to reality and allow us to interpret what we are looking at. Angela has a fantastic “eye” and is able to find these small treasures in the landscape."

Link to Gallery Website and other Partners' Picks from this show:
Image City Photography Gallery Partners' Pick

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Grimes Glen We took a nice hike in Grimes Glen last week.  The light was overcast and the colors not as vibrant as some years but fall is special and there are always images to be made!


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It's been a while! Well, it's been a busy few months and I can't believe how fast the time has gone since I last updated this blog.  The show at St. John Fisher was a big success and a lot f fun. Currently my classmates, teachers and I at the Flower City Arts Center are exhibiting the work we did in Intro, Intermediate and toning B&W Film classes at Wayne Arts in Newark. It's a varied and interesting show and a pleasure to be a part of. And, I am part of a really fun show at Gallery 96 called "Street Photography". Coming up I am part of a group show at Image City Photography Gallery in Rochester.  The post cards are below.  I hope you will stop by Image City and take the drive to Newark to see the current shows.


Oct 31 - Nov 26, 2017 Opening Reception Friday, 5 - 9 pm, Nov 3Oct 31 - Nov 26, 2017 Opening Reception Friday, 5 - 9 pm, Nov 3Photographs by Gary and Phyllis Thompson and Friends
AJ Bellavia, Robert Carr, Cuyler Coddington, Archie Curry, Bonnie Gamache, Jane Gotowka, Mike Haugh, JoEllen Hill, John Hoeft, Ron Kenney, Frank Liberti, Ernie Nalette, Debbie Nawoczenski, Luann Pero, Angela Possemato, Karen Schlenker, Linda Siple, Loni Titus, Charles Vaughn, Fred Weingarten, Rob Westfall

October 31 - November 26, 2017
Opening Reception
Friday, 5 - 9 pm, November 3

F8 Photo Group

Photo Group Exhibit at Wayne Arts Oct. 19-Nov. 11, 2017. Reception Oct. 21.Photo Group Exhibit at Wayne Arts Oct. 19-Nov. 11, 2017. Reception Oct. 21.DEVELOPED - IMAGES ON FILM
Film? What’s that? No one shoots on film any more, right?
Not so fast! Film photography has not gone the way of the dinosaurs and this upcoming exhibit at Wayne Arts will show you that what’s old is new again. Having met at black and white film photography classes at the Flower City Arts Center in Rochester students and teachers formed the "F8 Photo Group” and decided to show their work in the Main Gallery at Wayne Arts.
In the work of photographers Hillary Livingston, Jon Merritt, James Northrup, Benjamin Osborne, Jennie Papkin, Angela Possemato, Jobena Robinson and Mark J Watts you will see a wide variety of images and techniques reflecting the diverse interests and vision of each artist. All images were shot on 35mm or medium format film, some with specialty cameras, then processed and printed with traditional techniques in the darkroom.
Come and meet these “retro photographers” learn about their processes and maybe be inspired to take out your film camera and start shooting!

Street Photography

October 18-November 18, 2017 at Gallery 96. Reception October 20.October 18-November 18, 2017 at Gallery 96. Reception October 20."Street Photography captures people living their lives, walking their dog, saying good-bye to a friend, enjoying the warmth of a summer's day, pausing to catch up with the world around them. Often people don't know they are being photographed; sometimes they do. The trick is to catch them when they are most engaged in their lives, when they are lost in a moment."

Our Frame of Mind ExhibitOur Frame of Mind ExhibitPlease join Bonnie Gamache, Luann Pero, Loni Titus and me at the O'Keefe Gallery in the Skalny Welcome Center at St. John Fisher College for "Our Frame of Mind - An Exhibit of Diverse Images by Four Women Photographers"

The exhibit opens Monday July 31 and closes Friday August 25. The artist reception will be Friday, August 11 from 4-7pm. The exhibit and reception are free and open to the public.

Gallery hours are 9 - 4, Monday through Thursday; and Friday, 9 - noon.



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Sodus Lighthouse Independence Extravaganza Take a beautiful drive to Sodus Bay on July 2 for their Independence Extravaganza! I will be exhibiting and selling my photography along with 40-50 other artists and craftspeople so I'd love to have you stop by and say hello. Plus with all the area has been through this spring it will be a much needed boost to the economy if they get a fantastic turnout. There are lots of fun events. Check it out!



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More Underwater Adventures Love that little creek! It's just a never ending kaleidoscope of colors and patterns and I just never know what I will get. Enjoy.


IMG_4118IMG_4118 IMG_3590WaterColorIMG_3590WaterColor IMG_3737IMG_3737 IMG_4041IMG_4041

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Bluebirds are fledging! I have really enjoyed watching the new bluebird family in our yard. They have been fledging one at a time since about Thursday. I think this morning, about 5:45 (they are early birds) was the last because there has been no further activity at the nest box.  All the other days the parents continued to return to the box with food and to stand guard. Getting to watch them feed has been especially fun. What's not to love about new life!

IMG_3558IMG_3558 IMG_3550IMG_3550 IMG_3554IMG_3554 IMG_3514IMG_3514 IMG_3547IMG_3547

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