2016 was a very good year!

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Ever since I was in high school, maybe even middle school, at the end of the year I have made some quiet time with a cup of tea and Mom's molasses cookies to reflect on the year just passed. Those cold, gray winter days are perfect for slowing down, thinking, dreaming, planning and reviewing.  Looking back I usually I find I have accomplished a little more than I give myself credit for. It helps me redefine my interests, goals and ambitions and gives me hope and inspiration to go forward in the new year. Do you do the same? I highly recommend it.

This year I decided to create a gallery of my favorite photos from 2016 and even went back to 2015 and did the same. If you'd like to take a look, here is the link. http://www.lighttouchphotos.com/favorites

My top 5, ok 6, images of 2016 are below. In all six I was really in the moment, in the flow, and thoughtfully created each one. I was working with the muse! It definitely is team work!

Ice Drops and Frost Feathers-4Ice Drops and Frost Feathers-4rotating in
a single water drop
how many worlds

~ charles henderson
Secret Garden 1Secret Garden 1


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