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Into the Woods!

November 15, 2014 - The Twelve Corners Middle School 7th & 8th graders are presenting "Into the Woods" this weekend at 7pm in the High Schoo...
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Harvey's new album!!

November 10, 2014 - It's here! It's here! and it's GOOD! Harvey's new album "HarveyBand Jazz". He headed in a different direction from his u...
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use of my images

November 02, 2014 - Recently I have had several inquiries about using my images in their projects. I have been unsure of how to navigate the...
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pretty Penfield

November 02, 2014 - Well, I finally got out to explore one of my favorite parks in Penfield and here's what I saw! The light was a little fl...
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Having some fun

November 01, 2014 - While they may not be works of art I have recently made a few images just for fun. Click t he image to see more....
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Seeing the old familiar new

November 01, 2014 - We spent the Columbus Day weekend back in Hancock NY. Family business called but the free time was ours. It was just pas...
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