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Agostino and Onofrio ship manifest 1921-2 NYT715_2968-1099 copyAgostino Casale Certificate of ArrivalAdamo Penna death 1877 age 2 CastellamareAgostino and Onofrio ship manifest 1921-1 NYT715_2968-1098 copyAgostino Casale WW2-1Agostino Casale Declaration of IntentAgostino Casale WW2-2Agostino Casale NaturalizationAgostino Casale Petition of NaturalizationAgosto Casale birth 1904 Sao PaoloAgosto Casale christening Sao Paolo 1905Angela Cacioppo birth 1886 MenfiAniella Casale death Altripalda 1936 age 2 days p.51 n.96Antonino Alesi birth 1843 n.60 p.63Antonino Alesi birth pg2Antonino Sinacori di Giovanni birth 1891 Santa Ninfa act 79 p28Antonio Casale birth 1872 n.401 Torre Annunziata MM9.3.1_2FTH-267-12340-109548-3 copyAntonio Casale born 1872 n.401 Torre Annunziata MM9.3.1_2FTH-266-11739-115714-64 indexAntonio Casale marriage 1896 Torre Annunziata p.65 MM9.3.1_2FTH-267-11678-166795-10 copyAntonio Casale pg 2 birth 1872 n,401 Torre Annunziata MM9.3.1_2FTH-267-12340-108221-45 copy