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My first trip to Charleston with the F4 photo group was a lot of fun and a photographic success. Charleston provides so much to see and do and to visit with like-minded photographer friends was a great way to "see" the city to the first time.
The historic district is like stepping back in time. The southern architecture, the cobblestone streets and alleys, the gardens with their wrought iron gates and the genuine friendliness and hospitality of the people all hearken back to a time long ago.
The piers on Isle of Palms provided good subject matter for our sunrise photo walks on the beach. The ever-changing colors and intensity of the sunrises is thrilling. Middleton Place was just one photo op after another. Oh, how good it was to see all that green and flowers everywhere! Edisto Island and the beach at Botany Bay with all the live oaks and palms is a really picutesque place. Our kayaking trip on the Echaw Creek at McClellanville was magical and fun (and expensive as my glasses got snagged by a tree branch and went to the bottom of the swamp!). I added many birds to my life bird list and on the kayak trip everyone, especially our guide was thrilled to see the flyover by a swallow-tailed kite, a bird that is more often seen in "have-you-seen-this-bird" posters at the various nature centers (it's a fairly rare species to see).

This is a city I can see myself coming back to again.
Sunrise on Isle of Palms"Beauty is a form of nutrition for the soul." ~ Judith Hanson LasaterIsle of PalmsIsle of PalmsMiddleton PlaceMiddleton Place is a National Historic Landmark and home to America’s Oldest Landscaped Gardens.The Garden Club of America has called the 65 acres “the most important and most interesting garden in America”."Life is a gift of nature but beautiful living is a gift of wisdom." ~ Malawian ProverbLittle Blue Heron at Middleton Place