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Pellegrino Conte is listed as the final destination for my Great grandfather Vitantonio Vetrone when he came to NY in 1903. When I looked into Pellgrino and see who his family was I discovered his daughter was Anna Conti (Conte) who married Walter Davis and was at first a teacher in Hancock, then owned the tavern across the street from the Sears store. Pellegrino (along with Pellegrino Esce) were, as far as I can tell, a couple of the earliest to arrived in Cadosia/Hancock from Cautano.
Anna and Laurie Davis go to Cautano 1971Anna Conti marries Walter Davis 1945 pt11910 Census ContiAnna Conti Walter Davis marriage index 1945Cosimo Conte ship manifest 1908 p2 NYT715_1084-0041Cosimo Conte birth 1871 n.35 p.23Tony Conti dies 1910Tony Conti dies 1910Anna Conti marries Walter Davis 1945 pt1Anna Conti Walter Davis marriage 1945 pt2Angela Fucci Rocco MeoliAntonia Fucci birth 1844 n.3 p.6Andreanna Meoli born 1874 n.33 p.21Antonio Meoli birth 1834 n.16 p.13Andreana Meoli 2 birth 1883 n.10 p.10Carlo Meoli birth 1830 n.13 p.9Conti family gets electricity 1912Carmine Pasquale Meoli borth 1848 n.7Cosimo Conte age 25 1905 ship manifestCosimo Conte Antonio Possemato ship manifest 1908