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Ninfa diLisi parents unknown baptism processetti 1834 p. 927Agostino Mantia Antonina Morello marriageAngelo and Michele Chiore ship manifest Oct.1896Angelo Chiora ship manifest 20 Feb 1896 Naples to NYC NYM237_654-0281 copy 2Angelo Chiore 2nd pg of birth act 1824Angelo Chiore barber 1932 AlbanyAngelo Chiore birth 1823 p.19-20, n.18Angelo Chiore birth 1870 Bernalda p 89 n.304Angelo Chiore death indexAngelo Chiore marriage 1842 p.24, n.5Angelo Chiore marriage contAngelo Chiore marriage index 1842Angelo Frank Michael Chiore families 1910 census AlbanyAngelo Priore Gabriella Micheletti marriage 1900 NYC M-M-1900-0007217-1 copyAngelo Priore Gabriella Micheletti marriage 1900 NYC M-M-1900-0007217-2 copyAntonia Nora LaMantia obit 1965Antonina LaMantia birth 1885, p.84, no.121Antonina LaMantia marriage index 48722_556179-00615 copyAtilio Micheletti passenger list  1895