Celebrating Four Seasons at High Acres Nature Area.


I celebrated the first year of exploring High Acres Nature Area with a hard cover book collection of photo from my explorations.  Reviewing all the images I made during the year was both fun and quite a challenge to edit them to just the highlights for a book. The print book is 52 pages and over 90 images including broad and intimate landscapes, nature, wildlife and "impressionistic" images. The quality of the paper is luxurious and the glossy hard cover is as durable as it is beautiful. 

A limited number of hard cover books are available if you would like a copy for yourself or your favorite nature lover. The cost is $45.00 plus tax and shipping. Click Here for the print book. Be sure to check the correct shipping option for hard cover books.

Celebrating Four Seasons at High AcresCelebrating Four Seasons at High Acres52 pages contain 97 color photos of the High Acres Nature Area in all seasons and times of day. Walk the paths with me, see the birds, animals and plants as I saw them, enjoy broad landscapes and small natural details. The hard glossy cover is beautiful and durable.

And while a picture may be worth a thousand words, throughout the book are sprinkled quotes and poems which convey the spirit of the seasons in words.

* For more information and to order click here Photobook. Shipping time 1 week from date of order on this book only.