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1920 census Cadosia Fucci1925 Census Cadosia Fucci, Rillo, Vetrone1925 NYS Census Fucci, Rillo, Vetrone1930 Census Summit Vetrone Gisoldi1940 Census Cadosia FucciAdamo Possemato b 1913Adamo Possemato marriage 1941Alice Fucci Roseo diesAlice Fucci Roseo wedding 1935Angela Maria Fucci birthAnn Marie Morgan WaldronAnn Morgan, Joe Fucci daughter engagedAnna Fucci Dohse obit Binghamton Press-Sat__Dec_27__2003_Anna Fucci wedding 1945Anna M Possemato obitAnthony Possemato grave marker 1945Anthony Possemato obit 1945Antoinette Peck headstoneAntoinette Peck obit 1968Antonia Martini birth 1859