Wow, what a cool site!
It will take me a while to go through everything, but your photos are sweet...
I found your site and have enjoyed seeing your marvelous photos. They are incredibly beautiful! Best regards, Nancy
Hi Angela,
Well that was fast......We just got our pictures this afternoon!!!! They look AWESOME!!! Again...thanks for everything!

Chris Struzik(non-registered)
Thank you so much for taking my senior pictures! I will definitely ask you for pictures for any other occasions I need professional pictures! Keep up the excellent work!
Beautiful photography. I really like the nature pictures. The depth of each picture makes it so you want to reach out and touch the subject as if it was really there. Great job!
I should have checked your website before sending my previous message. Stunning photography. You have a gift that few share. People take pictures, you take art! What a walk thru treasures. A real feast for the eyes.
Happy to stop in and sign your guestbook. You have a very nicely put together website. Shows that hard work and dedication to a project does eventually pay off. You have some really great pictures of the Adirondacks. I've always wanted to visit there and maybe someday soon I will. Your photos are an inspiration to travel and discovery. Excellent job!
Just a note to thank you for your website and your recent wonderful images from the High Acres Nature Area. Great work! As "Trailmaster" for the Crescent Trail system of footpaths in Perinton, I welcome you to explore and photograph other open space properties and trails in Perinton, specifically our White Brook Nature Area, Horizon Hill Conservation Area, and Indian Hill Recreation Area.
Again, thank you for your artistry and commentaries.
Today's photos of my daughter are so beautiful! I love the light! Thank you very much for meeting with us a second time. She really likes these pics as well. We'll do our best to select the one for the yearbook, but it will be challenging with so many choices. Your gentle and kind approach to this whole experience was just perfect for my daughter( and me too!). Thank you, Angela.
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