The photos in these galleries document my exploration of this area which began in early April 2012. I quickly realized that not only did each season bring something new but every week, even every day. Walking trails take you through meadows & grasslands, woodlands and wetlands. It's an ever changing experience. I never know what I will see and it's been fascinating to watch the changes in birds, wildflowers, trees and light.
Spring brought birds! Lots of birds! Many I had never seen before and some I had never heard of. Here is a ​​​BIRD LIST of those that I have seen, many have photos in the gallery. They are identified by where I first saw them.
August was the month for butterflies. October was full of brilliant fall colors and reflections of changing leaves. Late fall and early winter brought a sugar coating of frost to everything along with some exquisite light. Winter storm Nemo on the weekend of Feb. 8-9, 2013 brought some of the most beautiful winter wonderlandscapes I have ever seen.
Year one ended with a spring that seemed like it would never arrive, but it finally did and new year of exploration has also begun. This time I know where all the spring flowers are blossoming and have a keener eye and ear for the newly arriving birds. I am eager to see the difference between this year and last. I'll keep you posted via blog and this gallery!

To celebrate one full year of exploration at High Acres Nature Area I created this photo book of images, poetry and inspirational quotes.
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