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For the most part the family originated (as far back as records exist) in Cacciano, a hamlet of Cautano which was its own comune until 1851, then it was incorporated into the comune of Cautano. Some records later than 1851 will state that the birth, death, etc took place in the borgata di Cacciano even though the records say Comune di Cautano. Today I can't really tell when I've gone from one town to the other - they have grown together over the last 150 years. The locals know though, that's for sure!

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1915 census Hancock Lombardi1915 census Hancock Luigi Viespoli1930 census Hancock LombardiAdelaide Ucci birth 1844 n.5Adelaide Ucci born 1844 n.5Alessandro Gisoldi 1835 Cacciano n.5Alessandro Gisoldi birth Cautano 1903Alessandro Gisoldi birth Cautano 1903-2Alessandro Gisoldi born 1908 n.25 p.18Alessandro, Francesco, Vincenzo Gisoldi ship manifest Apr 1921 p.1 NYT715_2951-0306Alessandro, Francesco, Vincenzo Gisoldi ship manifest Apr 1921 p.2 NYT715_2951-0307Alex Gisoldi Constance Lombardi marriage 1927Andrea Gisoldi birth 1875 n.11Angela Gisoldi, father cosimo born 1908 n.5 p.4Angela Rapuano born 1837 n.4Antonia Gisoldi born Cacciano 1842 n.10 F. NicolaAntonia Martini birth 1885 n.3Antonio Cosimo Gisoldi ship manifest 1905Antonio Gisoldi birth 1872 n.55-1Antonio Gisoldi birth 1872 n.55-2