Thank you Connie and Sal for another wonderful celebration at your house!

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Here is how you can DOWNLOAD FREE whatever you want of these. Just follow the directions below. If you have any problems contact me.
  1. Click Select Photos (upper right)
  2. Click a Check mark in the circle in the lower left corner of the images you want.
  3. Then click Download in the upper right.
  4. They will be downloaded onto your computer in a zip folder to wherever you have you have directed your computer to save downloads.
  5. Double click on the ZIP file to access the photos inside.
  6. Be sure to back up your photos!

If you want to PRINT these digital files I recommend sending them to in Buffalo, NY. I know my images come out with true and accurate colors on professional paper. they are a family run business and do a great job. The prints will be in your mailbox 2-3 days after you place your order.

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