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Extended Branches of the Family tree and family of others that I assist in their research. Info added as I find it.

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I'll add to these documents as I find additional information so check back once in a while.

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Nurek/OskardFlorentyna Satora birth 1853 act 47Stanisław Nurek born 1849 pg.43 act 72Stanislaw Nurek Florentyna Satora 1876 marriage indexStanislaw Nurek Forentyna Satora marriage 1876  n. 27,detail,390081,33Stanislaw Nurek Florentyna Satora marriage full page w translation copyFranciszek Nurek+ Balbina Oskard marriage 1904Jozef oskard birth index with names clear!013-020 Jozef Oskard birth 1843Josef Oskard birth 1843 p.119, n.13Franciszek Nurek birth 1877 Biechów Parish (Kielce) #99Balbina Oskard birth 1884 n.14Zofia Domin birth 1843 p.122, n.44Josephine Nurek birth cert Dec 1910Josephine Nurek delayed birth certificate Dec 1912Mary Nurek birth certificate 1910Beatrice Mary and Jo Endicott Directory 1950Nurek 1920 CensusStanley Nurek Nurkowski birth cert 1919Balbina Nurek obit section copy