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IMG_0957 Raffaele and Rosa Berardone DiSerio marriage cert-frontIMG_0958 Raffaele and Rosa Berardoneview of 205 Mott St. NYC, where Ralph and Rose DiSerio lived in 1893view of 205 Mott St. NYC, where Ralph and Rose DiSerio lived in 1893view of 205 Mott St. NYC, where Ralph and Rose DiSerio lived in 1893view of 205 Mott St. NYC, where Ralph and Rose DiSerio lived in 1893Most Precious Blood Church, NYC, Baxter St. Where Ralph and Rose DiSerio got married in 1893Elizabeth DeSerio Possemato and son c. 1920Pasquale Possemato, wife Serafina, daughter Pauline, Sons Agostino/Austin, Rocco, Carmine/Carlfrom the book "Memories of Cadosia" by Ruth Hunter c. 1963DeSerio familyDeSerio family 24 generations of DeSerio WomenDeSerio FamilyHarvey's mom Ann Possemato, grandma Liz Possemato and aunt Grace RomeoRalph, Ann, Ralphy, HarveyDuke, Frank, Rocky, Florence, Ann, RalphRalph-Dawne- FamilyRalph and Bo (or Beauregard as Ann Called him)Ralph and Red (aka Redford)

Guestbook for Possemato-DeSerio Family History
Richard Tarinelli.(non-registered)
I t was wonderful to see such an nice and complete family collection,,, ( as complete as 11 children's lives likely will assemble). Even my Grandma Rose DeVellis from Bridgeport ,Ct. She died when I was five but I sure recognized her charm !
I also was grateful for many pictures of Great, Grandma Rose DeSerio who I recognized and the many family members who as a 6 and 7 year old had the opportunity to be graced by on a couple summer outings to Cadosia With Aunt Phil. Great moments and I commend this collection. Also am blown away by San ChiricoRaparo, when are we going ?
Best Regards