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Photo Projects

I enjoy reproducing and restoring paintings and photographs. I believe that photographs are one of the best ways we have to preserve memories and pass on family history. Restoring and reproducing "one-of-a-kind" old photos that have emotional or historical significance so others can enjoy them as well is very satisfying. This is also a great way to combine my love of photography with my long time interest in history and genealogy.

If I can help you with a project please contact me.

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c. 1923c. 1926c. 1926c. 1926Mom and her sisters  circa 1932, "before"Mom and her sisters, circa 1932, "after"Mom and her sisters, circa 1932, black & white versionGrandmother Rillo and her sister-in-law Murilyn Vetrone April 1941"An Italian Wedding" Jan. 25, 1917Harvey and Ralphy with Grandma VanderVoort April 1960Larry McGranaghan (L) and Dad (R)  (no date)"My Family" Nov. 1959 Harvey with his brother and parents (photo Credit Debby Griesinger)my grandfather and me, 1960My grandfather and me 1960 - the re-touched versionTed, Aunt Murilyn, grandma Rillo, Mary, CarlynMary Carlyn & Frank, Cadosia 1955my husband with his parents and grandparents