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I enjoy reproducing and restoring old photographs. I believe that photographs are one of the best ways we have to preserve memories and pass on family history. Restoring and reproducing "one-of-a-kind" old photos that have emotional or historical significance so others can enjoy them as well is very satisfying. This is also a great way to combine my love of photography with my long-time interest in history and genealogy.

If I can help you with a project please contact me.
"Before" We assume this is Pippa and CJ."After"(Before) 1949 Dad, Toots, Mom (restored photo is next image)Restored. I think it looks pretty good!"Before""After" - see the back, next photoMom and her sisters, circa 1932, "after"Mom and her sisters, circa 1932, black & white versionmy grandfather and me, 1960My grandfather and me 1960 - the re-touched versionmy grandparents with their nephew Frank before restorationsame photo "after" restoration"Before" - my mom with her mother 1930s"After" - most of the scratches removedMy mom and Aunt Jenny on the Farm, Cannonsville, NY c. early 1930sThe Zaczek family farmhouse in Cannonsville, NYDad in the armyFather-in-law Ralph and sister Irene