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Photos and documents of my family past and recent. They are (maybe in the future!). I have tried to annotate them so viewers know who, when and where. If you have additional info or corrections please let me know. Thanks!

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John Rillo - WW2 - my dadJosie and John Rillo 4/12/1958Mom and Dad wedding party 12 Apr 1958John Josephine Rillo Marriage Certificate 1958John and Josie Rillo wedding 4/12/1958Mom and Dad's wedding 4/12/1958 Donovan's Hall, Deposit, NYGiuseppe (Joe) and Angela Maria Rillo on mom and dad's wedding day 4/12/58Mom, wedding day 4/12/1958Giuseppe (Joe) and Angela Maria Rillo 4/12/1958Angela Vetrone and Joe Rillo Wedding Jan. 1917Joe and Angela Vetrone Rillo wedding January 25, 1917"An Italian Wedding" Jan. 25, 1917Joseph Rillo Angela Vetrone marriage certificate 1917 pg1Joseph Rillo Angela Vetrone marriage certificate 1917 pg2Joseph Rillo Angela Vetrone marriage certificate pg3Joseph Rillo Angela Vetrone affidavit to marry 1917Joe Rillo, Cadosia, NYAngela Maria and Joe Rillo, Cadosia, NYJoe Rillo and Angela RilloAngela and Joe Rillo with Frank Vetrone circa 1942-43