Personal Use of Images by Light Touch Photos

All photographic images are copyrighted to the original photographer. Thank you for respecting this. Purchasing prints or digital downloads from Light Touch Photos are for your personal use only. Prints may not be scanned or copied and shared. Digital downloads may be shared electronically but not printed unless you have purchased the file "For Unlimited 4x6" Prints". Images for commercial purposes may be purchased at the industry standard pricing (see below).



Commercial Use of Images by Light Touch Photos

Thank you for your interest in using my images in your project. Pricing depends on several parameters. Please contact me and provide the following information. I will get back to you within 5 days with the price.


How will the image be used?

  • website?
  • brochure?
  • newsletter?
  • billboard?
  • advertising?
  • other?

In what medium will the image be used?

  • print? 
  • digital?
  • both?

Where will the image be placed in your project

  • home page?
  • front cover?
  • inside?
  • multiple uses?

What portion of the page will it take up?

  • up to 1/4?  
  • up to 1/2?
  • up to 3/4?
  • up to full page?

What size image do you need?

  • 3x5"
  • 4x6" 
  • 5x7"
  • 8x12"
  • 12x18"
  • larger (please give dimensions)

If printed, how many will you be printing?  

  • up to 1000?
  • up to 2500?  
  • up to 5000?
  • more - please be as specific as possible

Will the distribution be:

  • local?
  • regional?
  • national?


This will get your thinking started. I will plug your information into a standard calculator to determine the price.

If you have any questions please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.