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Mary E Miller Barnickel and Uncle Van c.1925Wm H Barnickel Ethel Butterworth marriage 1917William Barnicle b 1855 died 1914Silk Mill Ad 1947Silk Mill 1947norther star silk mill oct 1946CJ gets hole in one!Silk Mill Hancock Industry 196Barnickels had a good timeUncle Van and Gray's wedding 1946VanLoke Cyril obit The_News_Mon__May_24__1976_Obituary for Rebecca BarnickelSilk Mill Press_and_Sun_Bulletin_Sat__Feb_4__1933_Louis Barnikel 1870 CensusLouis Barnickel 1880 censusMary Barnickle Walz, Charles Walz, Annie Walz,May Walz Lausberg, August Lausberg - Cedar Lawn CemeteryMary Walz obit The_Morning_Call_Sat__Feb_6__1915_William Barnickle, Myrtle Lanigan, Jean BarnickleCarol Barnickle, Terry Donahue, Russell Barnickle Sr. (L-R)Jean Barnickle, August Hunziker, Ruth Wicks, Henry McWhinney (L-R)