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Read the full story below.

Read the full story below.

This is the death certificate of
Sarah Heckerson Miller ~1837-1892,
mother of Mary Miller Barnickle 1866-1929
grandmother of Anna Mae Barnickle VanderVoort 1905-1979

Some time ago Harvey told me that his mother told him that her (and he wasn't exactly sure) grandmother died when a kerosene lamp caught her hair on fire. Ann told Harvey this story because they were at Green Flats and he was playing with a kerosene lamp and she wanted him to understand how dangerous they can be.

Fast forward...I have been in touch with Harvey's 2nd cousin Diane who is the granddaughter of Anna Mae's oldest brother Charles. She and her husband Steve are also big into family history.

I shared with her the photo of Anna Mae and the question about the name Stone on the back because she and her husband have done so much research on the Barnickle family. The name Stone is a mystery to them but she did send me the attached death certificate of Ann and Ted's great grandmother Sarah Heckerson Miller - and it says she died when a kerosene lamp exploded, at age 55 in 1892. Harvey is a bit spooked by this - he wasn't sure he understood his mother all those years ago, if it was a true story, or just a fable to get him to be careful and stop playing with a kerosene lamp! Now he finds out it was true and it was his great great grandmother!

So one question was settled but another remains a mystery - such is the way of genealogy!