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Biagio Vitale Grandpa historyBiagio Vitale Grandpa historySaverio, Piacenza Maria BruniGenovieve R Vitale obit 2009_Wed__Dec_30__2009_1925 Census VitaleRose Vitale baptism (includes marriage info)Frank Vitale baptism (includes marriage date and names)John Vitale baptismFrancesco Antonio Fiorenza birthDomenica Buglione birth 1809Domenica Fiorenza birth 1861Anna Maria Fiorenza birth 1836Anna Maria Covelli birth 1836Giuseppe Guarino birth 1836Francesco Antonio Fiorenza birth 1833Maria Giuseppa Guarino birth 1839Domenica Buglione birth 1809Domenica Fiorenza birth 1861Angela Cataldi birth record 1838