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If you are interested in purchasing the book I recently published "From Łomża to Cannonsville with Love, the History of the Zaczek and Klosinski families 1722-2021 click HERE: From Lomza to Cannonsville with Love

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Book: From Łomża to Cannonsville with LoveFlorian and Józefa Kłosińska Zaczek 20 October 1907 Bronx, NYMy grandparents wedding 20 Oct 1907Florin and Josephine Zaczek Family ~ May  1923Dziadzi Florin ZaczekMy grandparents!Babci and Dziadzi - Josephine and Florin ZaczekFlorin-Josephine-Zaczek - 12 April 1958Babci and Dziadzi's marriage register 1907Record Transcription: New York Roman Catholic Parish Marriages |Zaczek 45th Anniversary-Family 1952Zaczek 50th anniversary50th Anniversary Zaczek Family 1957Registration of Birth Aleksander Zaczek 1880.pagesBirth registration of Aleksander & Piotr Zaczek, twin brothers of my grandfatherTomasz Zaczek, Dziadzi's brother born 1882Tomasz Zaczek birth 1882Floryan/Florian Zaczek birth 1886Alexander Maciej Zaczek birth index 1850 No.54AUŁomża 1850-54 Aleksander Maciej Zaczek-PS