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The photos and documents here correspond with the entires on the family tree I have created. They are in no particular order here. I have annotated them to let viewers know who what and where.

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As of 04 March 2021 - new ones coming soon!
Descendants of Piotr Rasz
Descendants of Szczepan Klosinski.pdf
Descendants of Ignacy Korzeniecki.pdf
Descendants of Wincenty Zaczek NOTE: I am not yet 100% sure that Wincenty is the top of our Zaczek tree or that all the children of him are actually his. I am a DNA match to members of both Michale and Aleksander's families. So it is very likely but please check back from time to time for updates.
Dzidzi Florin ZaczekBabci and Dziadzi's marriage register 1907Record Transcription: New York Roman Catholic Parish Marriages |Zaczek 45th Anniversary-Family 1952Zaczek 50th anniversary50th Anniversary Zaczek Family 1957Michalina Rasz birth index 1854 no. 203Alexander Maciej Zaczek birth index 1850 No.541910 census Florian Josepha "Laak"1910 Census supplement Uncle Alex1915 Census Zaczek Cannonsville1920 Census Zaczek Cannonsville1930 Census Zaczek Cannonsville1940 census Florian William ZaczekHelen Zaczek 1940 census servantBaptismal Registration of Ładysław ZaczekŁadysław Zaczek birth baptism transcription 1913Death Certificate Edward Zaczek (Ładysław Zaczek?)Edward Zacek death certificate transcriptionEdward Zaczek transcription of death certificate