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Thanks to my sweet cousin Bea I was able to escape the cold and snow for a wonderful week with her and two of her dear friends at Sanibel Island, Florida.
Two beautiful mornings were spent walking and photographing at "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge where, along with all the birds I ran into a former student (one of my favorites!), now college graduate. Definitely a highlight and reminder of just how small this world can be.
Each day featured bright, warm sunshine, 4-5 mile walks on the beach or at the Wildlife Refuge, or a long bicycle ride on some of the best planned bike trails anywhere. I even remembered how to ride a bike with pedal brakes!
Then of course there was happy hour, great meals and fun conversation.
Thank you Bea! I have warmed up and can make it to spring in Rochester!
Anhingayellow crowned night heronAnhingaAnhingaAnhingablue winged teallittle blue heronTri-colored heron